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Our solutions are designed to improve the indoor air quality inside your Mooresville home.

Service Air and Indoor Quality Analysis

Aaaaah-chooo! Bless you!

Do you find yourself sneezing a lot in your home or office, whether it’s allergy season or not? Do you have a hard time breathing while you sleep? Have you been getting lots of headaches lately? Is there a lot of dust in your house? Do you have furry pets or use a lot of harsh cleaning chemicals?

Chances are you spend lots of time indoors, and the air you breathe all day long can directly affect your health—for better or worse. You may not even realize how many pollutants you breathe each day that can get trapped in your lungs. These might include fumes from gas, oil, kerosene, coal, wood, smoke, asbestos, mold, radon, pesticides, carbon monoxide, paint, and even outdoor air pollution that has found its way indoors. Inadequate ventilation in your Mooresville, North Carolina home or office can increase the levels of these indoor pollutants.

If you’d like to find out just how clean (or unclean) the air in your home is, give us a call at Cool Comfort Heating & Air in Lake Norman, North Carolina. Our indoor air quality products include:

  • Media Filters– Air conditioning and furnace media filters effectively capture dust and particles and prevent them from entering your clean air.
  • UV Lights You’ll breathe cleaner with a UV system that kills germs, mold spores, and bacteria that pass by.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) A combination of a ventilation system and a heat exchanger controls the ventilation in your building and circulates air properly.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners– Stopping up to 98% of even the tiniest particles, including allergens, mold, smoke, and even viruses.

Stop sniffling and give us a call today for more information about indoor air quality.


At Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we can improve your indoor air quality in Mooresville, Huntersville, Cornelius, Denver, Lake Norman, Troutman, or Davidson, North Carolina.