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Keep the warm water flowing in your Troutman home with water heater replacement.

Water Heater Replacement in Troutman, North CarolinaIt is a good idea to consider water heater replacement if the current water heater installed in your home in Troutman, North Carolina is ten years old or older. If you are not sure about the age of your currently installed water heater, you can figure it out by finding the serial number on the water heater and contacting the manufacturer. Eventually, all water heaters are at risk for leaking, so it is especially important to consider periodic water heater replacement if your heater is located in an area that could be significantly damaged by a water leak.

Here are some other signs that you need to consider water heater replacement:

  • You discover that you have rusty water coming from your faucets. You will have to figure out if it is the water heater or your pipes. Does it come only from the hot water side? Does it stay rusty after you run several gallons of water, or does it clear up? If it clears up, it is probably from the pipes.
  • You hear rumbling or other noises when the water heater is running. Over time, sediment builds up and hardens at the bottom of a water heater. As this happens, the water heater becomes less efficient and more likely to leak.
  • You discover water around the water heater and cannot find a leak from any fittings or connections around the heater.

Once you determine that you need water heater replacement, you will have to decide what type of water heater you are interested in. Whether you want a traditional storage water heater, a tankless version, or even a heat pump water heater, give us a call, and we can get your hot water flowing again.


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