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What’s the Ultimate Heating Cooling System for a Home? With the sharp rise in home heating costs, HVAC companies are being asked more than ever before: What is the ultimate heating and cooling system in today’s market? The answer, of course, is: There’s really no ultimate system because if one system was proved to be the ultimate, no-one would buy any others.

Different consumers have different needs, and any reputable HVAC company will always take this into account. It could be said that, for some clients, “the worst system properly installed is better than the ultimate system not properly installed.”

Anyway, regardless of confusing phrases, one thing is for sure – no consumer wants a heating and cooling system that merely keeps the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer. They want more. They want systems that can, with the use of programmable controls, manage humidity, sanitize the air, and kill airborne pollutants. They also want energy efficiency by being able to “zone out” rooms or spaces that aren’t used frequently.

All this said, one could argue that the definition of the ultimate heating and cooling system is the one that is affordable, energy efficient and greatly enhances indoor air quality through humidification, dehumidification and sanitization.

No home is immune to indoor air pollution. Older homes are ideal breeding grounds for mildew and mold, while new homes typically have higher concentrations of chemicals. That’s why many leading HVAC brands have introduced hi-tech purification systems to further enhance indoor air quality. Some units can filter out particles as miniscule as .30 microns and kill common viruses.