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Some Tips and Tricks to Get the Most from Your ACBuying a bigger AC isn’t necessarily going to make you more comfortable in summer. In fact, if a room air conditioner is too big for the space it is meant to cool, it will work less effectively and less efficiently than a properly sized, smaller unit.

Why? Well, a unit that’s oversized will cool the space to the temperature set on the thermostat before proper dehumidification can occur. When this happens, you feel uncomfortable and clammy. A central air conditioning system should always be sized by a professional technician.

Below are some tips and tricks from the Department of Energy:

  • If you have a central AC system in your home, set it so the fan shuts off at the same time as the compressor. You can usually do this by setting the fan on ‘auto’ mode.
  • In summer, set the thermostat at as a high a temperature as possible, while still being comfortable. Also, if needed, ensure humidity control. The smaller the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower your energy bill will be.
  • When you turn the AC on, don’t set the thermostat at a colder temperature than you would normally use. It’s not going to cool your home any quicker and could result in over-cooling and unnecessary use of power.
  • If you have a window AC, use an interior fan along with it. This will spread cool air throughout your home without much increase in power use.
  • Ensure the AC thermostat is not near appliances that give off heat, such as TVs and lamps.


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