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Heating and air repair is rarely something we look forward to spending money on; however, when you’ve gone long enough with a broken HVAC system in either the frosts of winter or the heat waves of summer, newly repaired heating and air equipment can certainly be a relief. Just before spring arrives, however, another form of relief is often afforded to us, coming in the form of a tax return. This is a perfect opportunity to fix up that broken (or soon-to-be broken) heating and air system, thus extending your monetary benefit by avoiding further costs down the road.

After a long winter, heating equipment can often go on the fritz. And though the winter may be loosening its cold grip when spring time rolls around, having the heating fail at this time can still be a catastrophe. Your tax return can help in this situation by giving a much-needed fiscal bump; using the money to fix up an aging system can actually increase the value of that tax return over the long run. Biting the bullet now may save you a significant amount later, thereby increasing the actual value, if not the number value, of your tax return.

Though the summer time comes along a bit removed from your tax return, this same principle holds true. Spending the extra money you receive on a new heating and air system at the close of winter doesn’t simply help avoid losing heat at that moment; it also helps prevent a break-down mid-summer, which can be just as uncomfortable as losing heat in the winter, especially in the south. Even during the spring, monster heat waves can descend unexpectedly, wreaking havoc on an unprepared heating and air system and leaving its “dependents” (since the theme here is tax-time) miserable.