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air conditioningWhen summer temperatures start busting the 100 degree mark, or the humidity makes you feel like you’re living in a sea of sweat, air conditioning is a must. But, to help keep your energy consumption and AC bills as low as possible, try the following tips.

  • Check the ducts. Ensuring that the areas where the ducts run through parts of your home that aren’t air conditioned – such as the attic – are well insulated will keep the incoming air as cool as possible. Paying for air that’s half cool is not anybody’s idea of money well-spent!
  • Set the thermostat to 78 degrees. This is a good point for air conditioning to run at optimal performance. Think of it as a vehicle on cruise control – it doesn’t chug uphill; it just plugs away, steady as she goes.
  • Rearrange the Furniture. Furniture that blocks air conditioning vents means that you’re actually cooling the bottom side of your sofa or the back of a chair. Nice and cool for the furniture, but we’re pretty sure you’d rather that chill be hitting you instead.
  • Remember the fans. Your AC keeps you cool, but a few supplemental fans to help do the job won’t hurt. Use them to circulate the cool air, and you won’t need quite as much to be pumped into the room.

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