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So, You Think Air Conditioning Is All About Luxury?Many people see air conditioning as a luxury appliance, but besides comfort, there are other reasons to have air conditioning in your home. Unfortunately, many people overlook, or are not aware of, the health benefits of clean, cool air provided by air conditioners.

For the very old and the very young, cool air is vital in surviving the hot, sticky days and nights of a North Carolina summer. People in these age groups can overheat quickly and are also at risk of other serious heat-related health problems. Air conditioning keeps the temperature comfortable and safe for people of all ages.

Another aspect that’s often overlooked is how air conditioners improve the quality of indoor air. On hot days, all the windows and doors are closed, so harmful airborne allergens and pollutants cannot enter your home. Having the cleanest possible air is especially important for anyone who suffers with respiratory disorders or allergic reactions.

Moreover, air conditioning acts as a dehumidifier, significantly reducing or even eliminating the growth of mildew and mold. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), potential health risks associated with exposure to mold include asthma, respiratory complaints and allergies. By controlling the level of humidity and moisture, air conditioners give you a healthier indoor environment, as well as on-demand comfort.


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