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air conditioning contractorYour HVAC system is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. You take your vehicle to a pro for an oil change and tune-up, so it makes sense to have your AC checked by an air conditioning contractor to ensure it’s working at its best before summer arrives.

A pre-season checkup can help reduce energy costs, while improving safety, health, reliability and comfort. Scheduling a checkup in early spring can help identify small issues that could become big problems later. Research has shown that routine maintenance can save as much as 20% on cooling bills. An air conditioning contractor can maintain your system, as well as its performance. He knows which components need cleaning and lubrication, and he can identify parts that may be in need of replacement.

Routine maintenance also prolongs the life of your AC and ensures that it runs at optimal efficiency. During a service, minor adjustments and repairs can be made by your air conditioning contractor to prevent a catastrophic failure in mid-summer that could result in premature replacement.

What you can do: Regularly clear leaves and dirt from the outdoor compressor, and trim nearby trees and shrubs to allow for at least 2 ft. of clearance around the unit. Once a month, replace the filters because dirty filters inhibit air flow, meaning your system will need more energy to run.

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