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Thermostats in Mooresville, North Carolina

Have you ever wished you could have the ability to set your thermostat while away from home? That ability could really come in handy while on vacation or coming home from work. Now you can with Honeywell WIFI Thermostats. At Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we offer four types of Honeywell WIFI Thermostats:

  • VisionPro – control of the thermostat through your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Can be programmed based on your schedule, with day-by-day, or annually.
  • Lyric – ability to control your thermostat through your tablet, smartphone, and “Alexa” by Amazon. Can be programmed based on your schedule.
  • FocusPRO – ability to control your thermostat through your computer, tablet, and smartphone with automatic updates through Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi 9000 – can control the thermostat anywhere in your home and remotely through your smartphone.

Each of these Honeywell WiFi Thermostats offer unique, innovative benefits. We’ll help you choose the one that’s right for you. Each has the capabilities of being used remotely. Think about how you can benefit from this type of device. While no one is home, you can have your thermostat programmed at a certain temperature or have it turned off to save on energy bills. Then, before you head home, you can program the thermostat to turn on the AC. When you arrive, your home is already at a comfortable temperature.

What about when you leave for a business trip or vacation? You can also keep track of the temperature in your home as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. You’ll be able to receive regular updates based on the weather back home. You’ll also be able to turn off your thermostat if you forgot to do so when you left and be able to turn it on before you head home. Call us today to learn more!