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Air Conditioner ReplacementStaying on top of your air conditioning maintenance is key to keeping your system running well and prolonging the life of your unit. But no matter how well you maintain your unit and keep up on regular service checks, there will come a time when you need to have a full air conditioner replacement. If you are keeping up on regular maintenance, you should be expecting the time when your system is pretty much worn out. You will be able to tell that time has arrived when service checks start turning into service repairs, rather than just basic cleaning and changing the filters. A general rule to follow is if the cost of a repair is 50% or more of a new air conditioning unit, then it is time to replace.

So once you’ve determined you are ready to have an air conditioner replacement, what’s next? The first step is to determine the proper size of unit for your home. Just because your old unit has been cooling your home sufficiently doesn’t necessarily mean you should get a new unit that is the exact same size. Air conditioning units are always being reinvented to be more efficient, and any changes you may have made to your home, like new large appliances, additions to the home, or other energy-saving measures you’ve taken like installing new windows, all factor into the size of air conditioning unit that is appropriate for your home. Finding the ideal size is important because you will run into trouble with a unit that is either too small or too big for your home.

After we’ve helped you select your new AC unit, we will need to uninstall and remove your old unit. This usually doesn’t take too much time, but if your AC is located in a hard-to-reach space, it might take some time to disassemble the old unit. After we’ve taken the old unit out, we’ll install your new air conditioner in its place and check to make sure everything is working properly. At Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we make sure your air conditioner replacement is done right.