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Although similarly priced to their closest rival (Nest), Honeywell WiFi thermostats offer some distinct advantages.

  • Honeywell WiFi thermostatsControl from anywhere. The highly rated and reliable app lets you program the thermostat from your PC, smartphone or tablet, whether you’re across the world or across the room. App is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Honeywell WiFi thermostats are simple to set up. Get your seven-day program up and running to start saving money immediately!
  • Bright, easy to read customizable color touch screen can be set to match your paint, fit your mood, or support your favorite sports team.
  • Your thermostat even remembers your cooling cycle times to deliver the right temperature when you want it.
  • Advanced comfort/fan control helps regulate the temperature and improve air circulation.
  • Filter change reminders and extreme temperature alerts are sent to your connected network devices and displayed on your WiFi thermostat, as well, so whether you are away or at home, you’ll never miss an alert.
  • Locking touch screen – advanced password options and locking features provide smart convenience and security.
  • Flexible, smart scheduling. Honeywell WiFi thermostats offer flexible programming options for residential or business needs.
  • Indoor humidity sensor.
  • Set an email alert from Honeywell’s server if the thermostat loses its connection (power outage) or the temperature in your home falls or exceeds your pre-defined limit.

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