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ElectricianDo it yourself (DIY) home projects are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners. The advantages of lower costs and working on your own timetable can be appealing. However, there are a lot of projects that do need to be left to professionals. Any electrical work should be left to an electrician. There are fire hazards and codes that you need to know when making these changes in your home.

You should hire an electrician if:

  • You are in need of additional outlets inside your home or garage
  • You want to move lighting or add lighting
  • You’re experiencing issues with your circuit breaker and need it to be fixed or replaced
  • You’re ready to swap out some old light fixtures and replace them with some newer options
  • Your home is older and the wiring may need to be updated
  • Your home has flickering lights or outlets that stop working
  • You want to add surround sound and lighting to your outdoor entertaining space

Choose wisely what projects you want to take on by yourself, and never hesitate to call in our professionals at Cool Comfort Heating & Air to help. It will be more worth it in the end to do the project right than to try it by yourself and make mistakes that require expensive repairs, or even worse, that may cause harm to you or your family members. Our electricians are trained to know the safety codes and are able to provide insight into what changes are plausible versus those that really should not happen.