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Some Helpful Tips on Buying a Heating & Cooling SystemWhen buying a heating & cooling system, there are several factors to consider. Initially, this will be an expensive purchase, but over time, it will be offset by the system’s efficiency. Modern systems are now more energy-efficient than in the past. Your operational costs should be lower for overall maintenance, as well as for heating & cooling, than the unit it is replacing.

Below are some helpful tips on purchasing a heating & cooling system:

  • An energy audit of your home will establish your energy needs while, at the same time, pinpointing problems. This will be a beneficial process in making your new system less costly to operate and more efficient. The Department of Energy offers some good suggestions. You’ll also find some great energy-saving tips for your home here.
  • Consider hiring a professional HVAC contractor to visit your home to perform the energy audit. While he is there, he can review the heating & cooling requirements in relation to the size of your home.
  • Do a comparison overview of the predicted costs for performance and operation across several different brands and models. Look for the energy-efficiency rating label on any product you are interested in buying.
  • Contact your utility company and ask if they offer any incentives, such as cash rebates, for energy-efficient products. Many utility companies offer some form of financial incentive to people who install and use more efficient heating & cooling systems.
  • Have a professional contractor install your new heating & cooling system. Ensure the company has a good reputation, and that it is licensed and bonded.


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