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green heating and coolingAs technology advances and awareness of environmental issues grows, these two elements often combine to influence the development and improvement of new products.

New technologies are being introduced and refined all the time, and this is leading to some exciting product developments in the HVAC industry.

A recent article from Living Green Magazine describes four recent advances in heating and cooling technology, namely:

  • DEVap (Desiccant Enhanced Evaporative Air Conditioner) – a way to cool air without using a coolant fluid.
  • Geo-Thermal Technology – using the earth’s own energy to heat or cool a room.
  • Intelligent Learning Thermostats – remember user’s preferred temperature settings, take regional weather patterns into account, and can be accessed and controlled using external devices like smartphones.
  • Natural Refrigerants – greener alternatives to traditional refrigerant gasses.

It is still early days for some of these technologies, but anything that has the potential to make heating and cooling equipment more efficient and environmentally friendly is worth exploring.

To read the full article and get some more information, visit livinggreenmag.com.