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Basics of a Contract to Service Air Conditioning SystemsThe term “air conditioning service” refers to the maintenance and functionality of air conditioning equipment in private homes or public buildings. The purpose is to prevent major breakdowns by inspecting existing systems, replacing parts if needed, and installing new systems.

Many HVAC companies that sell and install heating and cooling systems offer consumers the opportunity to sign up for a contract that provides an ongoing schedule to service air conditioners. This usually includes semiannual or annual inspections of installed equipment. Other services under a contract may include:

  • Replacing components that are under warranty without charging for labor.
  • Performing minor repairs at no additional charge.

Overall, the idea behind an ongoing schedule to service air conditioners is to ensure that they continue to run at optimal efficiency, and to minimize the customer’s monthly operating costs for the lifespan of the equipment.

A good contract will cover periodic inspections of all essential parts of a system such as fan blades, capacitors, ductwork and motors. By testing these to ensure they are operating correctly, it’s often possible to detect problem areas before they damage other components. Therefore, a contract to service air conditioners helps prevent owners from incurring large expenses later on.

It is very important to note the structure and quality of a contract because they vary greatly among providers. You should read the document thoroughly. Failure to do so could result in buying into a contract that seems like a good deal when, in fact, key service and maintenance functions are excluded in the package.