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Air Conditioner ReplacementWhen your old air conditioning unit nears the end of its life, you may start looking for air conditioner replacement options. As you do this, one of your main goals may be to buy a new unit that is extremely energy efficient. To ensure that your air conditioner replacement is as efficient as possible, look for the following features during the selection process:

  • A fan-only switch –When your replacement unit comes with a fan-only switch, you are able to turn the cooling mechanism off, but keep the fan running, so it continues to circulate cool air throughout your home.
  • Large coils –The larger your air conditioner’s coils are, the more efficient the heat transfer process will be.
  • A variable-speed blower –A variable-speed blower can reduce how much electricity your air conditioner replacement uses based on the specific needs of your home.
  • A high temperature rating – As you search for air conditioning units, look for ones that have a high temperature rating, or EER, greater than 11.6. When the weather outside is very hot, this will help you save as much energy as possible.

In addition to all of these features, it’s essential that your new air conditioning unit is the right size for your home. Keep in mind as you shop for a new system that just because the unit is bigger, doesn’t necessarily mean it will cool your home more efficiently. If you need any help selecting an energy efficient air conditioner for your home, at Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we are here to help you with the process.