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Heating ServicesWe have found that many people don’t bother to do routine maintenance and heating services on their heating systems–they just expect them to work perfectly all winter long. But this is not a smart idea. At Cool Comfort Heating & Air, we offer all types of heating services from preventative maintenance to complete replacement and reinstallation so you can be confident your heating system will make it through til spring.

It’s important to fix heating problems early on rather than waiting for an emergency. Routine heating services can detect any wear and tear on your system and get worn parts replaced before they break down in the middle of a snow storm when emergency heating services might not be available, leaving you to suffer through the storm in the cold. Routine maintenance on your system will also help you save money by helping your heating system work efficiently. Clogged air filters and dirt and debris built up in your system decrease air flow, causing your machine to have to work much harder to keep your home warm. This causes premature wear on your heater and possibly damage down the road.

Calling for heating services promptly is also a matter of safety. If you have a gas-powered heater, damage to your heater could mean gas leaks or even explosions in your home. Similarly, electric-powered heaters can pose a risk of electrical fires or electrocution. If you suspect any sort of damage to your heater, it’s best to call us for heating services right away.