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No matter what the weatherman says, a good heating & air conditioning system will make sure your home is toasty warm throughout winter and comfortably cool in summer. But you need to be sure that the indoor air quality is fresh and clean, or you and your family could suffer some health issues.

Let’s take a look at some features that a “complete” heating & air cooling system offers to ensure you don’t get sick:



Airborne pathogens that cause the common cold and flu are present in homes. They float in the air that you breathe, along with allergens and mold.

This problem can be eliminated by installing an air purifier, such as this one made by Carrier:

It works constantly to filter out as much as 95 percent of particles as tiny as .30 microns. It can also kill 13 common bacteria. In fact, this particular model either inactivates or kills up to 99 percent of everything bad in the air.



In the winter, you need to keep dryness at bay. A complete heating & air cooling system will have a humidifier to not only remove dryness but save you money because you can set the thermostat at a lower temperature. Plus, it helps protect your wood floors and furniture from drying out. This is what a humidifier looks like:

In the summer, a dehumidifier can help to make the air cooler and more comfortable.



Now you can customize the look of the control panel. With an Infinity Touch Control from Carrier, there are infinite ways to change the appearance, such as setting the color and uploading a picture to display: