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When you are ready for a water heater replacement, you have two main options for your water heater installation: tankless or a tank.  Here is some information about both types of water heaters to help you make an informed decision about with type to choose for your water heater installation.

Tankless: This is the popular choice for most people today, as it is energy-efficient and reduces your energy bills.  Tankless water heaters have an on-demand system, so when hot water is needed, cold water is quickly heated to a pre-set temperature.   One advantage to choosing a tankless model for your water heater installation is that the cost of operation for these averages out to being half as much as a tank system.  They can also reduce the energy used in your home by as much as 25%.  Tankless water systems also take up less room than a tank system.


Tank:  Tank water heaters have a reservoir of water that is kept heated 24 hours a day.  This used to be the common type of water heater in homes, but lessened in popularity when energy-efficient tankless water heaters came out on the market.  However, there are now energy efficient tank water heaters on the market, and they are generally less expensive to install than tankless water heaters.  Repairs on tank water heaters are also easier and cost less.


Consult with a professional to see which kind will work best in your home.  Then you will be ready for your water heater installation!


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