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Furnace RepairEven in North Carolina, when the furnace is not working on a cold day, there can be a reaction of panic.  Nobody wants to be stuck in a cold house with no source of heat.  Sometimes you will definitely need to call for furnace repair, but how do you know when to call? Here is a list of things to check before you call us for furnace repair:

  • Does the furnace have power? Check the circuit breaker and reset it if needed.  Also make sure the power switch is on and try to reset the furnace.
  • Do you see a pilot light? If the light has gone out, get out your manual and re-light it.
  • Have you changed the filter lately? Make sure you regularly replace the air filter on your furnace to allow for maximum air flow and efficiency.
  • Is your thermostat on? Does it have batteries? Is it set to “heat” and the correct temperature?
  • Are your vents open? Make sure air vents are not blocked so the warm air can come through easily.
  • Does your furnace have fuel? Try calling the gas company to make sure that gas-fueled units are still being supplied with gas.  If your furnace runs on propane, make sure the tank is not empty.

If all of these check out, you most likely have an issue that will require furnace repair.  Give us a call at Cool Comfort Heating & Air to come identify and fix the problem.