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plumbingWinter brings a variety of plumbing problems that could potentially cause serious damage to your home. From cold showers to frozen pipes, there’s a range of issues associated with icy weather. To prevent these from occurring, follow the few easy maintenance tips below.

  • Clogged gutters and drains: If your gutters and drains collect too much debris, ice forms and they will be at risk of breaking or falling down. Check them regularly and clear out any leaves. Better still, you can prevent a buildup of debris by installing gutter guards.
  • Take care when cooking: Cooking oils and grease can take their toll on pipes, drains and garbage disposals. Oil and grease are more likely to clog and solidify when the plumbing system is colder, so avoid disposing large quantities of these down your sink. And, for at least 15 seconds before and after each use of the garbage disposal, run cold water through it.
  • Pipe insulation: In winter, pipes are prone to bursting and cracking, so it’s important to check that they are in good condition. Installing insulation sleeves on those near the exterior of your home will protect them in the cold months, minimizing the chance of a burst or frozen pipe. Every now and then, check the plumbing pipes in the basement and other colder areas for buildups of frost or ice.

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