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indoor air qualityCertain health issues are said to be linked to air conditioning and indoor air quality, but the truth is these problems are not caused directly by AC systems. Units that are not cleaned regularly can facilitate the growth of mold and other allergens, which can exacerbate existing health problems, such as asthma. So it’s not a problem inherent in air conditioners; it’s something that can be prevented.

When well-maintained and clean, air conditioning actually has a positive effect on health and, in fact, improves indoor air quality, increases comfort levels, and provides your home with a regular supply of clean air.

It’s often debated that the freshest air is the air that you breathe outside, but this is not always the case. In heavily populated areas, outdoor air contains a host of contaminants and pollutants, all of which are bad for you. When you open windows, you’re allowing these airborne particulates to enter your home.

Today’s air conditioners come with different filters for smoke, odors, viruses, bacteria and pollen. They improve indoor air quality and help prevent, rather than cause, health issues. If your existing filters don’t meet current standards, you can always have them upgraded.

The bottom line: If you suspect your air conditioning is bad for you, there’s probably something wrong with it. Have it checked out by one of our professionals.

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