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air conditioning repairWhen you’re looking for someone to make an air conditioning repair in the Charlotte, Lake Norman, and surrounding areas of North Carolina, you’ll want a company that meets four important criteria: reputation, knowledge, dependability and the right tools. An air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment during a sweltering North Carolina summer. Therefore, you need to be picky about who you allow to work on it.

Reputation and dependability are pivotal in determining if an air conditioning repair technician knows what he/she is talking about. Recommendations from friends, family, coworkers or people that live in the abovementioned areas of NC are also helpful indicators in establishing the integrity and dependability of an air conditioning repair company.

Integrity refers to the HVAC technician who is honest when a system simply needs a good old-fashioned clean, as opposed to the technician who knows this but tells his/her customer that replacement is required. Some technicians would rather pocket the profit from installing a new system than prolong the lifespan of one that’s still got a good few years’ service to give.

Obviously, not all systems or units can be saved by cleaning or doing an air conditioning repair. Eventually, every AC will need replacement, but having an experienced technician with a reputation of dependability and honest work will give you the results you desire.

One company that can deliver all of the above is Cool Comfort Heating & Air. Locally owned and operated, they have been serving Charlotte, Lake Norman and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years.