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Improve Indoor Air QualityYes, you read that number right! Up to 72 trillion allergens make their way into your home every day. These include pollen, dust, dust mites, pet hair and dander, fungus, lint, mildew, tobacco smoke, bacteria and cooking grease. Much of this atmospheric matter is so tiny that your throat and nose can’t filter it out, so it gets deep into your lungs.

If you suffer with allergies, you know the misery that comes with tightness in the chest, coughing, scratchy eyes and an itchy nose. While you’re indoors, these symptoms are often worse, especially in the fall and spring, when mold spores and pollen make their way into your home and negatively affect indoor air quality.

But there are other causes. Homes built after the 1970s were designed to be more airtight to address the rising costs of energy, but the downside is that they trap more irritants and allergens.

Scientists repeatedly warn that indoor air pollution often reaches concentration levels that would be considered illegal outdoors. This level is dangerous for anyone exposed for long periods of time, but for people already afflicted with respiratory ailments, it is especially unsafe. That’s why improving indoor air quality has become a necessary part of the solution.

If you or a loved one suffers with allergies, you should recognize the importance of breathing clean air. Of course, you can’t control outdoor air, but you can control what you breathe at home with improved indoor air quality. Many previous sufferers have reported that they can sleep better, breathe easier, and some have even been able to stop taking medication after installing an indoor air purification system.


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