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AC RepairIt’s summer time, and a hot and humid 100 degrees outside.  Sadly, you’ve noticed the temperature inside the house is also climbing.  Before you write off your air conditioning completely, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem.  Here are four things to check before calling us for AC repair:

  1. Air Filter.  If you haven’t been keeping up on your routine maintenance with your HVAC system, this may be the source of your problem.  You should change your air filter regularly.  A clogged filter may cause restricted air flow and create an inefficient system that can’t keep up with the weather.
  2. Thermostat. Believe it or not, sometimes the issue is as simple as checking your thermostat. Sometimes a child may have played with the buttons and changed the settings, making your air conditioning kick off, or maybe you forgot to re-set it when you came back from vacation. Make sure the settings are where you want them and that the batteries are working.
  3. Drain and Safety Switch.  All air conditioning units have a drain pan beneath them and a safety switch in case of leaks or floods. Check the drain pan and make sure there isn’t water in it.  Also check the safety switch and make sure it is in the right position.
  4. Breaker. Another simple solution to try would be to check the breaker for the AC unit.  Sometimes a breaker will switch, and your unit may not be cooling simply because it no longer has power.

Hopefully you will be able to avoid the need for AC repair by going through these steps.  If you try all of the above and still have problems, call our AC repair specialists at Cool Comfort Heating & Air to come and have a look at your system.