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air conditioner servicesFall is a beautiful time of year when we enjoy the changing colors of leaves along with tasty drinks and foods that warm the soul. While many of us have school supply shopping lists and pumpkin-themed treats to look forward to, there is one other thing that you shouldn’t forget about this fall: your air conditioner! Just because the days are no longer scorching hot doesn’t mean that caring for your air conditioner is over. Here are 3 air conditioner services that need to be completed in the fall so your air conditioner will be ready for next year:

  1. Change the filter. Your AC has worked hard all summer conditioning the air so that your home stays cool and at a comfortable humidity. One of the best things you can do to keep it most efficient is to regularly change out the AC filter, ensuring your unit will not have to work harder to push and pull air through layers of trapped dirt and debris.
  2. Have a winter maintenance check completed. Having regular maintenance checks is something that many people neglect because they are easy to forget. However, regular maintenance is one of our air conditioner services that will end up saving you money in the end!
  3. Prepare the unit for the winter weather. Make sure that the area surrounding your AC unit is free of leaves, grass clippings, or other yard debris. These things can not only get sucked into your unit, but when left piled, provide a warm place for mice or rodents to nest and chew on wires. A protective cover can also be applied to your unit.

If you have any questions about air conditioner services that are available in your area, our team at Cool Comfort Heating & Air would love to help! Please contact us today for tips, appointment times and any other HVAC information you might be searching for.